Sunday, 12 August 2007

Saw This And Thought You Might Enjoy...

Ok, so none of the dogs in here are me, but its great fun to watch!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Its rained pretty much constantly since i woke up this morning! Looks like i won't be going any big walks until it dries out a little...

But that gives me some time to fill you in on my adventures during my little break. Where do i start? Well, i am getting really good at going for runs in the car, and will even sit quietly and wait while mum goes into the shops - sometimes she even brings me a treat back! A couple of weeks ago i was taken to a car boot sale, which was really exciting! Lots of people wanted to talk to me, and one of the stall holders even gave me a couple of rubber balls to play with (you can never have enough of these - and i have quite a collection now!).

On the way back from the car boot sale, we went to a huge country park, where we found a quiet area with long grass for me to run about in and play fetch with my new balls. It was really hot though, and we couldn't do it for long and eventually had to head back to the car for a drink.

I have also been for a huge walk along the old railway walkway while Paul took some pictures. That was fun, but i was a little scared of a big bull that we saw in a field. I think i showed it who is boss with a growl and a woof though! Maybe when it dries up a bit we can go for a big walk again. Here's hoping!

Katie. x

Friday, 10 August 2007

Hello Puppy Fans!

Did you miss me? Go on, i bet you did!

Sorry its been a while, but i have been growing so much and having all sorts of big adventures that i just haven't found the time to write everything down. But i am back again now, so here is a quick run-down of everything that has been happening.

I have grown out of my puppy coat, and i am now looking very smart in my glossy adult coat, if i do say so myself. I am still growing, but everyone says that i am very tall and have lovely long legs (all the better to run fast with...). Even my ears have calmed are pointing in the same direction. Well, most of the time anyway!

Mum bought me a paddling pool, but unfortunately i have only been able to play in it once because it has been raining so much. Its brilliant fun though! All by balls and toys go in to it and i get to play at lifting them all out again, and if someone splashes the water for me, i love to dive in and splash too.

This week, i had the biggest adventure so far. I went back to the vets, which isn't a big deal normally, because the vet is my friend and gives me biscuits. But this time, instead of going back home after saying hello, my family went away and left me there. I then had an operation (so that i won't have puppies when i get bigger), and i was really, really brave. When i woke up again, the vet took me back through to reception where my family were waiting for me to take me home again. I am supposed to be taking things easy for a week or so, but hey, its me we are talking about...i don't do 'taking it easy'...!

Well, that's all for the moment, but i will be back with more news over the weekend. Promise!

Katie. xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A Hop, A Skip And A Jump!

It has been an exciting (and energetic) few days for me!

Yesterday, i was walking down the path in the garden when i saw the strangest thing. At first glance i thought it might have been a stone, then i thought it might have been a giant slug (it was a bit slimy). It turns out, after giving it a sniff and a lick then asking mum, that it is something called a Frog, and it lives in the pond with the fish. Strange creature! I wonder why it is allowed to play in the pond and i'm not...

I have been learning new things to help me burn off some of my puppy energy too. I have started to 'Doggy Dance' with mum to the sound of a mobile phone ringtone. It is brilliant fun and i get to jump up and sing and walk on my hind legs. Another new game is my agility course in the garden. I am learning how to weave between garden canes and to jump over hurdles made of plant pots and bits of wood. It is really good fun, and tires me out after a while. All we need now is a tunnel, a see-saw and a ramp...


Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round...

This week, I have faced one of my big fears - Buses!

I went a big walk , where most of it was next to a road, to get more used to the sounds of traffic. When we reached the end of the walk we had to sit on a bench and wait, although i wasn't really sure why. After a while, a big double decker bus arrived and i was taken over to it. I noticed some people were getting off the bus, and others were getting on, so it can't really be that bad, can it? Well, we got on the bus too and it took us back home. Buses aren't really as bad as i thought - they are just like big cars! OK, they are still big and noisy, but i don't feel that i need to hide when i see one now.

I have been making lots of new friends this week too. First there is a springer spaniel puppy that goes to the Dog Classes and i have now discovered that he lives near me too). There is also Lara, a collie, who comes to visit my neighbours now and again, and i have met lots of other dogs and people when i have been out on my travels.

I would also like to thank all my new friends who have come to visit "Katie's Progress". People from all over the world have come to read about my adventures, and i always love to hear your comments.

Katie. x