Monday, 30 April 2007

Funtime With Florrie!

This afternoon my best friend Florrie came to play.

She is so much fun and has just as much energy as me! We played ball, we ran crazy round the garden, and we gave cuddles and kisses. Florrie is a lurcher, so she is much bigger than me, but she is really gentle too. When i grow up i want to be a good girl like Florrie.

Tonight i am hoping Belle and Sebastian will maybe let me play with them too, but i might need to have a rest first!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

What Katie Did Next...

Well, what haven't i done!?!

It has been a while since i last signed in to let you all know about my adventures, but i have been so busy growing and learning new things. I have been going for rides in the car to get used to it all. I am getting better at it, but i just wish i could play in the car without my harness - maybe i could even change the gears!

At home, i have discovered a new thing. It's green/brown, slimy, and lives in the pond - they are called frogs! Every time i go outside, i have to have a search around the pond to see if i can find any. Mum was a spoil-sport and has put a fence around it now - just because i dug up the waterfall - its just not fair!

I have also out-grown my bed, but i have a new one now which is MUCH bigger (and very comfortable too!). I am becoming such a big dog now, and i am getting better at my commands. I can now sit, lie down, roll over, stay, give paws (and 'high fives') and can even 'come to heel'. Most of the time i can do it easily, but sometimes a little persuasion with a treat helps! I am trying to get to grips with 'fetch', but as far as i am concerned, if you throw it - you fetch it!

My picture has been entered into a competition for pets. I am in the 'Best Newcomer' category. Well, surely with looks like mine i should win it! Fingers (and paws) crossed. x

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

A Trip To The V-E-T - The Sequel (Sometimes They Come Back)

Its time for visit #2 to the vets!

I just love going to the vet. I was really excited to see my new friend Maureen (the Vet) again, in fact, maybe a little too excited. When she picked me up to cuddle me i had a little accident and wee'd down her tunic - Oops! Well, i think she still loves me just as much.

Now that i have had my second set of shots (and my worming tablet too) it means that it wont be too long before i can get to go walks and meet lots of other dogs and people. I am really looking forward to that!

Maureen has invited me to a Puppy Party at the Vets soon! I am just waiting for my invitation to arrive and as soon as i am ready i can go. I really hope they have cake there. Yummy!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A Trip To The V - E - T!

Well, what a day today has been!

Today i had a new experience. Mum put a harness on me, which fits onto the seatbelt in the car so that i am safe and i don't fall over when we go round corners, and we went for a trip.

When we got out of the car we went to a place where there was lots of other animals and people. There was one dog there that i really wanted to run around with, but we weren't allowed. A nice woman called Vet then shouted my name and we went into a room with a table. The woman was really nice and she really liked me. She gave me lots of cuddles and treats and was doing something behind my neck (something called 'Jags'), but it didn't bother me. I have to go and see her again in two weeks - i hope she has more treats for me!

When we got back home i had lunch and played for a while before dinner, but then there was an accident (no, not by me!). Belle was playing upstairs with Gail when something fell and hit her wing and she was bleeding, so she had to go and see the nice woman called Vet too (i wonder if she got treats?)! Belle is now having a quiet night recovering from her ordeal, and i have promised to be nice to her. Sebastian must feel really left out, as he didn't get to see the vet.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Everybody Loves Katie!

I have been really busy over the last couple of days learning new tricks and commands, which is why i haven't had time to keep everyone up to date with my progress. I am getting very good at 'Sit' and 'Lie' and have even added 'Sitting Back Up' to my routine - I'm not just a pretty face you know!

Someone called Kevin delivered a new toy for me to play with. I haven't met him yet as he was busy with his own dogs, but i will be sure to thank him when i can. Gail got me a little cuddly squeaky toy to cuddle up with, Mum got me some little balls to throw around, and Paul got me a chewy slipper, which is a toy that you can eat - amazing! Everyone must really love me!

Oh, and thanks to Jessica, Alice and Florrie for their kind comments - you are my bestest friends! x

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Who's A Clever Girl?

Hiya folks!

After my antics yesterday, i decided it might be best if i calmed down a little today (just a tiny little bit though!). After my puppy porridge breakfast and a power-nap, i was full of energy again, but today i decided to use my energy for good things.

I learned a new command - 'Lie Down'. Its just like sitting, only i get to fall down and get praised for it. Its really quite easy when you get the hang of it, and good fun too. I really am a clever girl when i set my mind to it. I also tried some new food too - banana! I wasn't really sure what i was supposed to do with it at first, but once i realised you can eat it, it all made sense. Its actually quite yummy.

Mum got the camcorder out today, so i might be a famous doggy film star one day - you never know! For fun, i chased bubbles and barked at my tins of dog food. The world doesn't seem quite as scary now that i have found my voice!

Friday, 6 April 2007

You Can't Be Good All The Time!

I have been a naughty girl today. I have just had too much energy to burn up and too many boundaries to push.

When i got up i had great fun playing in the garden and in the house, and i even tried a new game called 'Fetch'. After a while i wanted to play differnt things, like 'chewing stones', 'eating soil' and playing under the sofa. Mum says that little dogs aren't allowed to play these games. Spoil sport!

Our neighbours visited for a little while and it was great fun getting lots of attention, but i had to stay on my lead because i was too full of energy and i was jumping up too much.

I found one of Sebastian's toys today - a little bell - and i have decided that its my toy now. I hope he doesn't mind, but he has plenty of other bells to ring anyway.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Today has been great fun! I have been helping in the garden. First i helped mum wash and tidy the greenhouse, then i was introduced to the outdoor tap and watering can. I am not sure if i completely understand it yet, but i think i know where water comes from now! I also re-arranged mum's flower beds for her - she didn't ask me to, but i thought it would be a nice surprise to pull up some of the plants and chew off some flower heads!

In the afternoon, Florrie came in to visit. We had a mad dash around the garden for a while and jumped around a lot. I think Florrie and I will be best friends. I found a new toy too - the bottom half of a plastic bottle. Its great fun carrying it around and you can even throw it too! After all that fun and running around, i got tired again and went for a little snooze while mum went to the shops.

I also got to try out my lead today too. It matches my collar! Mum says it is for when i go walkies, but i think its much better to play with it and chew on it. After dinner, i was allowed to play while the TV was on. I wanted to play with Belle and Sebastian, but Belle flew away and Sebastian came and pecked me on the nose! Maybe it will take me a little longer to get used to birds.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Phew! What A Day!

It has been a very hot day today, and i am all worn out from playing and learning new things!

When i got up i had some breakfast (puppy porridge) which was great, then i got to play out in the garden for a little while. When mummy got up i tried to get her to play too, but she was busy playing with boxes and i couldn't play that game so my new friends Jessica and Alice came to play instead.

After a while, mum left me on my own while she went to the shop. I didn't like that and had a little cry to myself, but before i knew it she was back and it was time for lunch.

In the afternoon i played in the the garden, and mum tried to teach me a new word - 'Down!'. Its not as easy as 'Sit!', but i am sure i will get the hang of it eventually. It then got too hot to play, so i had a sleep in the shade while mum read a book - its good fun outside! Well, its good outside untill you meet slimy horrible monsters with horns - they are scary and don't taste very nice. Mum told me that they are called slugs. Yuck!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

My First Day!

Good Morning!

I had a good sleep last night and i was a brave girl and didn't cry - honest! Now I'm wide awake and ready to explore my new home.

I have lots of toys, a big cage to sleep in just like Belle and Sebastian and a nice cosy bed too! I am getting lots of attention from everybody (if you looked as cute me, you would too!).

I have explored my garden (some people might say i trashed it, but i think 'explored' sounds better), and there are lots for flowers and things to smell and chew on when mum isn't watching!

I met the hoover today too. I was brave and didn't run away from it, but instead helped mum with the housework. She gave me some treats when i was good, and every time she gives me a treat i hear a 'click' too - hmmm, there may be a connection there!

This afternoon i learned a new trick. Every time mum says 'Sit!', and i do it, there is a 'click', she gives me a treat and calls me a good girl. Its great fun and so easy to do! Maybe tomorrow i will see what else i can learn. I am such a clever puppy.

I made some new friends today too. They are called Jessica, Alice and Florrie and they came to my garden to play ball with me. It was great fun and i got tickles on my tummy too! After a while though i needed to have another nap before dinner time.

After dinner i had a relaxing evening watching TV and thinking about what tomorrow will bring...

Monday, 2 April 2007

Woof Woof!


I am Katie the Dog, and i have just said goodbye to my mum and brother's and sisters (and the cows and sheep too!) to come and live with a new family. Its all really exciting and a lot for a wee puppy like me to take in.

First we went in a car, which was fun at first, but i soon got bored of the new smells and sounds and nodded off to sleep. When we arrived at my new house i was introduced to my new friends - Belle and Sebastian. Not sure what they are yet, but they are noisy and covered in feathers! After that i explored my new garden and met the neighbours (they have a big dog too) before getting some dinner - Yummy!

Well, now i have a full tummy and I'm getting sleepy, so i am off to dream about chasing cats!

See you in the morning!